Police Ping Support

Police Ping Support

Our live chat is online daily and during normal business hours (EST) (look for the chat button at the bottom of the page)


If this is a new installation, first try to restart the app.
If the location prompt is still not giving you the option to allow location services, make sure you have allowed location
enabled for the Police Ping app

Click the app icon, may have to hold for a second and choose App Info (may be a small information icon)

Scroll down, click on Permissions, look for Location and enable Location.

Hopefully your area is included in the Police Ping database and you can set up custom notifications to alert you if and when a warrant is issued for your arrest. If the charge is very minor or traffic related, the police may just need to get a court date set up and your signature. Also unfortuantly many times the police will lie and tell you this is nothing serious and try to arrange a meeting when they fully intend to arrest you. Police may also just show up at your house if they have the address.
If you suspect you have a warrant, you already know what the general nature of the charge would be. Even if Police Ping monitors the area in question, it's still recommended you bookmark the main city/county website or data feed and check it constantly over the next few days. Most smaller counties would get things done quickly while some major and even not so big cities can take months to summons a criminal warrant against you.

If a warrant is issued for your arrest, it's important stay calm and carefully plan your next move to ensure the best possible outcome.
Your best option is always to turn yourself vs getting caught, and when you go, go stright to the jail, bypass the police department and go only after getting your affairs in order and arranging bail and/or attorney.
Most lawyers will give you a free initial consultation. Keep in mind this is also a sales pitch so be prepared. You can also gain lots of advice of the local legal system and what you can expect so listen carefully.

If you are approached by police or detectives, be polite but firm and refuse to answer any questions without your lawyer present.
This may sound easy but when you're put in that position between jail and freedom, you're wanting to do or say anything to get out, don't talk!

Yes! Police Ping is a free service supported by ads. Police Ping also offers more advanced packages with higher monitoring quotas and no ads.

Get instant alerts on your mobile device when one of your zones or subjects are triggered.
Push Notifications do require the Police Ping App to be installed on your device.

To recieve alerts on your Android, first you'll need to set up your monitoring method(s)

Now close and reopen the Android App

Once open, look for the little green Android icon and click on it. (you will only see this icon if on an Android device)

If successful you'll see the green confirmation. When one of your addresses or names are matched, you'll get a push notification for each event.

You can easily enable/disable email and mobile alerts on the Notifications Page

Yes! Please understand if your city or county doesn't offer some type of page, list or feed we can use to gather the data, chances are we won't be able to add your location.
If your area does have a feed no matter how big or small, we encourage you to submit it to or if we're online (normal business hours) you can click on the green chat icon at the bottom right of this page.

The DMV Search is a database of current and past sex offenders that have listed a vehicle, truck or vessel due to a requirement in the state the offender is registered in.
All state laws vary and may or may not include the subjects vehicle make, model, year, color or license plate numbers. This would also include any work vehicles the offender may drive.